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Sarlat, France is an amazing historical place. What can you see in Sarlat and Dordogne area? Before you enter this 12th-century byzantine romanesque cathedral you have to approach it from Pont des Barris, and look across to see its crowd of domes and towers almost competing with each other. It’s no shock that this magnificent church is a UNESCO site, and with its byzantine-style Greek cross plan and many cupolas it hardly looks like few other churches in France – except, of course, for the Sacre-Coeur in Paris, which borrowed several design cues. Under each of these five domes is a set of chandeliers that were used in the marriage of Napoleon III and Eugenie de Montijo, and later brought here.

House-hunters to Sarlat should stroll along Rue des Consuls, which has a number of impressive mansion houses that are testament to Sarlat’s growth during the Middle Ages. From being a small community controlled by the church, it had, by the mid-1500s, evolved into a prosperous market town popular with wealthy merchants. Further on you’ll see elegant buildings including the 16th-century Hotel de Mirandol with its imposing doorway; the 14th-century Hotel Plamon with its mullion windows; and the 15th-century Hotel de Vassal with its double turret.

Brantome : Picturesque enough to be hung in the Louvre, this romantic village 30 minutes west of Sorges is the “Venice of Perigord”. It’s impossible not be moved by the beauty of boating beneath the stone arches of its angled bridge traversing river and adjacent canal, or meandering cobblestones polished smooth by centuries of pilgrims following the way of Saint James through Brantome to Santiago in Spain. Its vast abbey, founded by Charlemagne in 769, shelters eighth-century cave dwellings, hollowed out by monks, in cliffs behind.

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