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Travel is a very good personal development method. Travel is also a unique stimulus for cognitive abilities, as well as a good supplement for brain health. The effect is produced due to the new situations and experiences that travelers are exposed to and the activities that set their brain’s “wheels”, from the discovery and the need to deal in an unfamiliar environment, to reading maps or visiting cultural sights. . “Travel is a good medicine. Because it causes the brain with new and different experiences and environments, it is an important behavior that supports the health of the brain and builds its resistance throughout life, “said neurologist Dr. Paul D. Nussbaum of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. , quoted in the GCA report.

Important travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, events that influences the way people travel: Personalization Is Power! In the travel industry, personal data collection is increasingly moving well beyond tailored marketing to show up in unexpected places. But it’s now time for companies to determine the line between relinquishing personal data for a better experience and protecting the identity of their customers.

Travel makes us happier in all areas of life. Apparently, a short trip is beneficial both for the peace of mind and for improving the quality of life. Blood pressure, heart rate and adrenaline levels drop rapidly after just one, two days off. But the benefits of travel do not stop here. Read more info on Travel trends.

Travel is an investment in one’s own person and unfortunately is underestimated. When you travel, you are exposed to new people, cultures and ways of life, more than in everyday life. With this new information new horizons will open up to you, you will realize that it can be lived differently. If you feel trapped in a monotony that encompasses you every day in its meanders, take two weeks off and go wherever you have wanted since you were a child. Don’t look at how much you spend, this may be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Bucket list destinations—like Egypt’s pyramids or India’s Taj Mahal—are now places that travelers go back to time and time again. “We see multiple repeat clients to Africa,” Roar Africa’s Deborah Calmeyer says. “It often starts off with ‘this is a once-in-a lifetime-trip,’ and then within months—or sometimes even days of returning—we are booking the next one. It’s almost as if the distance no longer matters.” Ponant’s Navin Sawhney agrees. His example is the company’s cruise around the Greek Islands, which centers around travelers learning about history, archeology, and the gods. “If you’ve been to Greece before, this is a way you can see it completely differently,” he says. “Even in Europe, there are many different ways in which you can rediscover places you’ve already been.”

Children play an influential role in family travel planning, with clear ideas about what constitutes an ideal trip. And families as a whole are starting to forego traditional beach vacations and Disney trips in favor of adventurous, off-the-beaten-path experiences. This preference for experiential travel over consumer-driven trips is beginning to have an impact on travel & tourism and is expected to play a dominant role in 2019. Source: Round PlayGround

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